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>> Formula-Calculator Deluxe (English) 

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Formula-Calculator Deluxe (English)

If you have already ordered the Formula Calculator Deluxe, you can download the updated and extended software immediately in your customer account, under the menu item "Digital Goods". Of course without additional costs...

- For each formula entered (whether 1 letter, 2, 3 or 4) you can display the meaning in the exact analogy and also in all aspects of the 3 sense concentration.
- The correct assignment of the individual letters and their basic meanings (Akasha-, Mental-, Astral-, Coarse-material plane) is done automatically.
- The tedious search for formula meanings in books and tables is no longer necessary.
- In this way, you internalize the connections between the letter combinations and their areas of effect optimally.

The formula calculator combines in an excellent way the highest cabbalistic knowledge and the most modern technology.

Designed with a lot of effort and attention to detail, this software contains a maximum development potential for your individual life.

In the basic function you can display any formula from the second to the fourth plane (with all analogy informations) as graphics and also play the corresponding sounds. Furthermore, every single letter of the German alphabet can be retrieved and displayed in its correct analogy. As a very special plus, a 3-SK trainer has been integrated with which you can also learn all formula properties.

With the high-quality graphics you get the perfect support for the 3 senses concentration (3-SK) with all formulas, with the color belonging to the respective letters, the element (including feeling correspondence) and the meaning, as well as also the correct tone, which was recorded with a piano. In addition, your very own and unique formula can be determined from over 531,441 possible combinations on the basis of your name, date of birth and current place of residence. This includes the letters most suitable for YOU regarding the akasha principle, the mental, astral and coarse material level.

The formula calculator thus offers you 3 separate functions (whereby the corresponding tones can be played in each mode by clicking on the letters):

• Representation of a single letter with all analogy information and description of all 4 manifestation levels (Akasha, Mental, Astral, Material)

• Representation of a formula consisting of up to 4 letters with all analogies

• Calculation of your very personal optimal formula with detailed evaluation, which is adapted to your current situation in order to achieve fast and maximum success. If you have a middle name (consisting of a second or third name), this name will also be included in the evaluation by marking it when you enter it.


• Your individual formula means a novelty, which contains all aspects and characteristics essential for you and your development in the fundamental building blocks.

• The usually very time-consuming and lengthy search for THE REALLY FITTING formula is not necessary anymore.

• The third letter, which corresponds to the astral plane, is potentiated once more on the basis of universal laws and thus its effectiveness is increased.

• You will receive a detailed written evaluation of the final result.

Thus, the Formula-Calculator Deluxe becomes a constant and faithful companion in your formula practice and lets you experience the true Kabbalah in the most effective, magical, individual and instructive way... This software is now available as a download in English and German for Windows computers. Included are 2 versions (large, small), a high-quality 3D image in poster format and a detailed instruction manual.

Minimum requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® 7 and above
Pentium® II -compatible 350MHz or higher processor
Minimum of 64 MB RAM
50 MB of hard disc space
1024 × 768 or higher monitor resolution

The software is developed only for Windows desktop systems and Windows tablets (minimum 700 pixels height)! It does not run on Apple computers, Apple smartphones or Android smartphones. On non-Windows systems (e.g. Apple) you can only use the software with a Windows emulator.

Formula-Calculator Deluxe / Decription (PDF) [1.892 KB]

Bitte klicken Sie hier um zur deutschen Version zu gelangen


What happens if I enter the place of birth instead of the place of residence ?
Are ALL topics really resolved by the formula of my personal formula ?
If that happens, what does that make me? How far does it go ? Will I perhaps even be enlightened ?
Other formulas are really no longer necessary ?
How effective is my calculated letter combination ?
Can others also work profitably with my personal formula ?
If others work with my formula, does the effect for myself then disappear ?
What is the best way to deal with the effect of my personal formula ?
Does the software and the descriptions of the letters in it replace the formula reference ?
Should I do anything else to support this process ?
How can I best practice the formula? Is it better to pronounce or think the letters ?
How often and for how long should I work with the personal formula ?
What reactions are to be expected ?
Does this formula also dissolve my karma ?
Should I only repeat my formula, or should I imagine the 3-senses analogies or should I additionally feel something certain ?
Do you still need the basic formulas if you use your own formula ?
What reactions are to be expected ?
Do I need a Formula Activator when working with my personal formula ?
Can I use the Formula Calculator Deluxe on my smartphone or iPhone ?
Do I have to pay attention to anything when entering my data ?
How important is the second first name ? In the rarest case both first names are used or pronounced ?!
I’m married. Do I use the original birth name or the name adopted by my husband ?
I have an artist name that is mainly used, should I use it for the calculation or insert it as a second and third name ?
Should I consider something special before I start?
Can I have their UNIVERSAL formula calculated for the family or partner ?
Can I as a non-medical practitioner, therapist, coach, trainer, life consultant or spiritual consultant calculate the UNIVERSAL-Formula for my clients and pass it on or resell it ?
Is it possible to enter more than 4 letters in 3-SK mode ?
Where can I find the serial ?
Does the software also make sense if I want to use the conventional formula method?


Formula-Calulator Deluxe (DOWNLOAD) 870,00 EUR (incl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
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